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The nicknames for Reuters executives

October 1, 2013

Posted by Chris Roush

In the history of farewell emails from journalists, Reuters journalist Martin De Sa’Pinto‘s may go down in history as one of the all-time greats.

In the message, De Sa’Pinto praised the journalists he worked with and damned the “politicians” in the newsroom. He wrote:

To the many fine journalists among you with whom I’ve had the good fortune to share stories and contacts, I say thanks, it’s been great working together, and best of luck.

To the politicians among you, congratulations on turning a vibrant and cooperative culture into something significantly more miserable and depressing. To you I say sodoff, it’s been really mediocre working with you.

Jim Romenesko has the entire email posted here. “It’s been amazing the amount of feedback, and none of it negative,” said De Sa’Pinto when contacted by Talking Biz News on Tuesday.

What intrigued Talking Biz News were the nicknames that De Sa’Pinto mentioned in his email used to describe Bloomberg editors and executives. De Sa’Pinto declined to confirm the identity of the people referred to by nicknames, but some well-sourced former Reuters staffers have confirmed the following:

1. The Magic Herring refers to Michael Stott, who was pushed out earlier this year and was editor of Europe, Middle East and Africa.

2. Turtle Neck refers to Paul Ingrassia, the managing editor at Reuters.

3. Chubba the Hutt refers to Chris Wickham, former European science correspondent.

4. The Eagle Has Pharted refers to Steve Adler, the current editor in chief at Reuters. “Adler” is the German word for a bird of prey.

5. The DWeeb and Dwarf Rabbit were used to refer to Devin Wenig, the former head of the Reuters division that oversaw news.

6. The Impetuous Trout refers to Andrew Rashbass, the new Reuters CEO who joined the company this summer. The nickname is a play on his last name.

7. Carman (hallucinating in the sky) is another reference to Ingrassia, who once covered the auto industry for The Wall Street Journal.

De Sa’Pinto’s email also referred to editors/executives known as Yankers/Smurf, Armytage and The Lying Dutchman. If you know who these people are, please email us and we’ll update our list.

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