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The most worthless line ever in business journalism

November 8, 2006

TheStreet.com’s Marek Fuchs was all beside himself after listening to a National Public Radio “Marketplace” segment on what the election results will mean to the stock market.

Fuchs wrote, “It opens with the lead-in from the host, ‘For some on Wall Street, gridlock is not such a bad thing.’

“At that, The Business Press Maven was all ears.

Marek Fuchs“But I wanted to plug them when I heard this feeble thesis line, right after the microphone was turned over to the reporter: ‘But not every economist thinks alike on this.’

“This may be the most worthless and weak line in business journalism history. Not every economist thinks alike on anything, even what day of the week it is.

“Still, I had hope.

“Maybe the point of the report was that though the stock market has been anticipating gridlock with such glee, it wouldn’t turn out to be so good for stocks.

“A contrary take? No such luck, as the report’s conclusion shows: ‘The equity markets would fare well under divided government, say some analysts, but others say a Democratic win in the House could make things difficult for some sectors.’

“This is like a weatherman telling you that it might be sunny, unless, of course, it rains.”

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