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The late Friday afternoon news release

September 21, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

Conde Nast Portfolio blogger Jack Flack marvels at the beauty of a late Friday afternoon news release in his latest post.

Flack wrote, “Starting around lunchtime on Fridays, Jack Flack always keeps his head low and his eyes open.

Jack Flack“Why?

“Because that’s the traditional release period for bad news from commercial enterprises. Every flack knows that Friday afternoon is the black hole of the business-news weekly calendar. And even though the emergence of the web has filled that hole a bit, companies can still minimize the negative coverage by holding their damaging news to just before the weekend.

“So this afternoon’s joint announcement from crib-maker Simplicity for Children and the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission caught Jack’s attention. After all, it’s one thing to game the timing of your announcement when you’re closing a plant or firing your CFO for stealing. But it’s another when you know you’ve got a potentially dangerous product in the marketplace.”

Read more here. And here’s a reminder about the Talking Biz News contest to name the person behind Jack Flack.

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