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The Facebook journalism bubble

May 31, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

Steven Levy of Wired writes about the massive amount of coverage being devoted to Facebook even after its initial public offering.

Levy writes, ¨Because of some funny business when the big day finally arrived — you can read about this, oh, just about everywhere — the IPO actually triggered yet another wave of Facebook news, along with endless arguments about how the IPO was botched, or whether it really was botched. And the post-mortems had barely begun when Zuckerberg poked his own hole in the quiet period by posting a photo of his wedding, held barely after the peals of the (cracked) NASDAQ bell had faded. The nuptial was a determinedly low-key event, but for all the press commentary it generated, you’d think it was a geek version of Will and Kate.

¨So we’re still in the Facebook Journalism Bubble, reading basically the same articles by the same writers. Meanwhile, other stories get short shrift. Most of the venues that budgeted multiple Facebook posts every day barely found room for a story or two about the first private space vehicle to dock with the International Space Station. Surely that’s as big a story as discovering who designed Mrs. Zuckerberg’s wedding gown.

¨Which is not to say that there aren’t plenty of unexplored angles left in the Facebook saga. But preciously few in the sea of coverage dip into the real and persistent news of Facebook — it’s a company driving a tech-based redefinition of how we share human experience.¨

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