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October 4, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

Dennis Berman of The Wall Street Journal writes on the Deal Journal blog about the latest in cell phone ring tones — “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer‘s favorite sayings.

Jim CramerBerman wrote, “So how do the new Cramer ring tones sound? Herewith a review of each, sold for $1.99. Click here to get your own preview.

“Mad Money ‘Theme Song’: Dick Dale meets Queensryche. A bit over-produced, and hard to distinguish as the ‘Mad Money’ theme given its generic sensibility. Would you be proud to have this ring at your next business meeting? If, perhaps, you’re 17 years old.

“‘Boo-Yah’:Cramer’s signature line, an invocation that few seem to recall actually is supposed to describe the sound of a sawed-off shot gun, as used by gang members. He goes on to exhort the callee, saying ‘Pick up the phone. You can’t afford to miss this call.’ Would seem impossible to bear for more than three calls.

“‘Cramer’s Favorite Sounds’: This tone begins by reminding the callee that ‘Hey, I’m Cramer,’ (with choral ‘Hallelujah’ addition) which seems to create a bewildering identity issue for the callee. You’re Cramer? But you’re my phone. Why are you talking to me?”

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