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The Crain’s New York Weiner tip jar

July 29, 2013

Posted by Chris Roush

Crain’s New York Business editor Glenn Coleman writes about how the business newspaper has begun a tip jar for anyone on its staff who comes up with a bad pun related to New York mayor candidate Anthony Weiner‘s sexting exploits.

Coleman writes, “If one uttered a Weiner pun, much less proposed writing it in a story or headline, one had to deposit 25 cents into what reporters immediately dubbed the ‘Weiner tip jar.’

“‘You know the word ‘tip’ could be considered a pun,’ someone blithely noted. Quarter for the tip jar, several staffers sing-sung. ‘This is nuts.’ ‘Nother quarter for the tip jar. We were at $2 lickety, um, $2.25 lickety-split.

“And as you can see, it didn’t even have to make any sense, the supposed Weiner pun that cost you a quarter. Weiner + verb = tee-hee. Weiner woos … hah-hah-hah like 10-year-olds at a sleepover. But the tip jar did help us control our worst jokey urges—you have read the headlines and captions in a typical issue of Crain’s, haven’t you? Now add genitalia to the mix—and so the sound of coinage clinking into glass dissipated as summer rolled through and the candidate joined the daily forum circuit. Until this latest wild chapter of the Weiner chronicles was revealed.

“We gathered ’round our office TV and computer screens and giggled as the serial sexter who wants to be mayor insisted he won’t pull out. Clink. Clink. Clink.

“I counted $6.50 in the Weiner tip jar as of last Friday. I’m just grateful his wife’s name is Huma. Imagine if he had married a Dolores.”

Read more here. I asked Coleman for a photo of the tip jar. He replied: “Coming — shit: another quarter – being emailed to you soon.”

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