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The battle for most photographed trader on the NYSE floor

June 7, 2019

Posted by Chris Roush

Matthew Kassel of The Wall Street Journal explores whether longtime trader Peter Tuchman has lost his position as most photographed trader on the New York Stock Exchange floor to fellow trader Gregory Rowe.

Kessel writes, “While it is difficult to prove quantitatively who is more photographed, there is evidence to suggest Mr. Rowe is inching ahead. Since the beginning of 2018, the image archive of the Associated Press, which often features both traders, has included more than 120 photos of Mr. Rowe and about 70 of Mr. Tuchman. That means that photo editors choosing AP images have nearly twice as many images of Mr. Rowe from which to choose, though still a lot of Tuchman masterpieces, too.

Richard Drew, the veteran AP photographer who is often stationed at the stock exchange and whose trader photos of Messrs. Rowe and Tuchman and others appear world-wide, says he doesn’t play favorites. But Mr. Rowe is ‘getting to be a popular subject,’ he acknowledges, adding that he is ‘not as much of a showperson—his is a more natural thing.’

“Mr. Drew says he simply gravitates to some traders because he likes their expressions. Other traders he likes to photograph include Michael Milano and Michael Capolino, though they aren’t nearly as frequent subjects as Messrs. Rowe and Tuchman.”

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