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July 25, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

Capital New York interviewed Matt Buchanan and John Herrman, co-editors of The Awl, about their site and other topics.

Here is an excerpt:

CAPITAL: You both come from a tech journalism background—John from BUZZFeeD’s tech site, and Matt from The New Yorker’s science and tech vertical. What’s the state of tech journalism these days?

BUCHANAN: It’s still here.

HERRMAN: It’s actually EVERYWHERE, in bits, which can be overwhelming but is probably for the best. I think parts of it are mutating into something between political and financial journalism, which is mostly bad. Optics-obsessed envy monsters are not the people you want writing about these enormous companies that seem to have no idea how important they are (or if they do, for the wrong reasons). There does seem to be faction of tech writers that treats the big stories as sci-fi, which is heartening, because it’s plain to them just how grim and lazy most of our Big Concepts are.

BUCHANAN: Right, like, eventually everything will have shades of tech journalism in it, because technology is in everything now; even just looking at cultural commentary lately, so much of it talks about technology in some form now.

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