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April 19, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

John Nyaradi of Wall Street Selector interviewed Bloomberg Television markets reporter Sara Eisen about her job and what is happening in the markets.

Here is an excerpt:

John Nyaradi: Let’s shift a little bit and talk about you and your work at Bloomberg.  I know you do “Inside Track” on television and “Bloomberg On the Economy” on Bloomberg Radio.  Maybe just give us a thumbnail view of both of those shows and what viewers and listeners could expect there.

Sara Eisen: Well, “Inside Track” is a lot of fun, I have to say, because I get to share the space with three very smart, very dynamic people.  We’re all completely different. We have totally different interests and backgrounds.  Erik Schatzker who is the main anchor of “Inside Track” comes from a banking journalist background.  He knows everything there is to know inside JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.   Stephanie Ruhle comes from a Wall Street background.  She knows everybody on the Street.

Scarlet Fu, markets reporter, can go through an earnings report faster than anybody I’ve ever seen in my life.  And then I’m the one on the macro economic beat who’s always paying attention to what’s happening overseas, whether it’s a China GDP report or the Japanese trade balance, or the European debt crisis.  So the four of us together have a really great time, and what we do is we try to set you up for the trading day, and even if you’re not a trader, just tell you what stories are getting attention.  And we always try to give it some financial and economic spin, and the goal is to talk about all the stories that you’re going to be hearing about all day long before they actually manifest themselves in the markets because it’s a 6 to 8 am show so it’s just the perfect way to set up the day.

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