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Strange attempts at getting coverage

April 26, 2008

Rob Walters of the Frederick News-Post in Maryland writes Saturday about the strange ways that some companies have tried to gain coverage in the paper.

Tabasco sauceWalters writes, “Assistant Business Editor Ed Waters has seen a number of odd releases, from a bottle of Tabasco sauce that stated something ‘hot’ was coming, to a tire pressure gauge and valve caps from rubber manufacturers looking to promote tire safety.

“Police reporter Gina Gallucci did not know what to make of a press release she received from the American Association of Retired People. It came with a wristband that stated ‘I Heart Social Security.’

“‘Kinda weird since I was about 24 when I got it,’ Gallucci said.

“Some companies must believe reporters have a problem with personal hygiene. A former News-Post health reporter received a box of sanitary wipes. A couple of weeks ago, a nationally known company sent business reporter Ike Wilson a box with baby lotions and shampoo. Wilson covers agriculture, not toddlers.

“Even at this writing, press releases continue to come in. Business Editor Cliff Cumber just received a box of pink trash bags from a company promising a 25-cent donation from each package to fight breast cancer.”

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