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Sorkin in line for top WSJ job?

April 29, 2008

Nick Denton at Gawker writes Monday about how New York Times mergers and acquisitions reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin might be a good candidate to become the next Wall Street Journal managing editor.

Andrew Ross SorkinDenton writes, “Here’s why Sorkin is actually more plausible a candidate than he looks. First, in the highly competitive UK, where Thomson has spent most of his newspaper career, editors tend to assume responsibility much earlier in their careers. Thomson’s successor at the London Times, James Harding, was just 38 years old. Piers Morgan, now reduced to American trash television, was just 28 when made editor of Murdoch’s News of the World.

“Second, Sorkin has a powerful reputation for breaking business scoops. With excellent contacts among the acquisition advisers who dole out deal stories, Sorkin has pretty much singlehandedly made the New York Times a force on the crucial M&A beat. The Journal no longer has the monopoly it once possessed over day-before news of big deals. One measure of Sorkin’s value as a scoop-getter: he’s among the most highly paid reporters at the Times, earning about $200,000 per annum.

“Finally, the Times reporter, having spent so much time in the company of bankers and executives, has much more understanding of business dictates managers than his peers. Sorkin was one of the reporters most supportive of Murdoch’s bold bid for Dow Jones, the Journal’s parent company. While Sorkin’s articles in the Times rehearsed the traditional criticisms of the tycoon’s record as a proprietor, he concluded: “Mr. Murdoch may be the perfect publisher of The Wall Street Journal.” Murdoch may well return the sentiment.”

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