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Smith of Fox Business: You have to be tough to be a biz journalist

November 3, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

Paul Bond of The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Sandra Smith of Fox Business Network about election coverage and her career in business journalism.

Here is an excerpt:

Maria Bartiromo is “The Money Honey.” Don’t you need a nickname name, too?

Finance is certainly a male-dominated industry. It gave me a lot of my toughness, and it gave me the ability to field a lot of questions from guys like you. It has given me a lot of perspective. I certainly look at the world in a different light with my business background. Do I want a nickname like “The Money Honey”? That has not been something that I have aspired to. I think Maria definitely owns that name.

CNBC had huge ratings during the Internet bubble. Do the business channels need another bubble to attract viewers?

More people watch business television when times are good, but there’s nothing good about a bubble because they eventually burst. What we all want to see is a healthy stock market.

Is there a stock bubble now?

Look, we have unprecedented involvement from the Federal Reserve. It’s very difficult to look at a company like ExxonMobil or Apple and buy and sell those stocks on the fundamentals. We’re looking at a market that’s much different than any other time in history.

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