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Shafer talks about his new job at Reuters

September 7, 2011

Posted by Chris Roush

Dylan Byars, a reporter at Adweek, talked with new Reuters columnist Jack Shafer about what he’ll be doing in his new job.

Here is an excerpt:

Are you going to be doing the same thing that you were doing at Slate, or will there be differences?

I’m going to be doing the same thing, only more. I’ll write about politics, I’ll write about the media. I’ll write about the intersection of media and politics, culture. You know, what’s great about Reuters is that it’s got so many people great to work with, and so many great ideas that I think the sky is the limit. But the concentration will be media and politics.

How frequently will you be writing?

To be determined. They would be happy to transplant the tree from Slate into Reuters, but we all have bigger ambitions than that. So to say, ‘Two and three-quarters columns a week and four blog posts’—If I told you that, I’d be talking out of my ass. It’s to be determined. I don’t want to give you an answer and have you say, “But Jack! You told me your were going to write three columns a week; you’re writing four. You’re a fucking liar!”

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