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Sexual harassment in business journalism

October 28, 2017

Posted by Chris Roush

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.07.04 PMBusiness reporter Josie Cox of The Independent in London writes about the sexual harassment she has encountered in her career.

Cox writes, “Having reported on the still very alpha male-dominated world of business and finance for the last eight years, I could write a book about the sexist remarks and inappropriate jibes I’ve been on the receiving end of. Add to that the things I’ve witnessed and instances I’ve been told about, and I could publish several volumes.

“As a brand new reporter I remember nervously attending a conference abroad and being cornered by a very senior banker at the coffee bar. To my utter confusion — seemingly out of the blue — he leaned in, patted me on the hip and told me to meet him at his hotel just around the corner in two hours.

“I was so embarrassed and baffled that I pretended not to understand him, almost dropped my tea cup, smiled and turned away.

“I realised later that part of my deflection had been to help him save face – I was doing this pitiful creature a favour because I needed to keep him on side in order to do my job.”

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