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Reuters launches Equals blog

November 21, 2013

Posted by Chris Roush

The Reuters financial news service has launched a blog called Equals that focuses on  gender equality and the role women play in the economy.

In a post on the blog, journalist Shane Ferro writes:

We’ll be tackling subjects like education, workplace performance, competitiveness, pay, and leadership. The topics will encompass virtually any subject that relates to gender differences in economics, finance, and management. The blog will lean heavily on data and new research, as well as the smart voices around the web already contributing to the discussion.

In an email, Ferro added:

Quite simply, there is a lot out there on this subject that deserves more coverage. I am particularly interested in the huge trove of academic, government, and private research dedicated to the gender gaps in education, pay, employment, and management. However, it falls between quite a few different coverage areas, so sometimes it gets its due and other times it slips through the cracks. Personally there was a lot that I wanted to pitch for our current economics and business blog, Counterparties, but I felt that it was just tangential enough that it didn’t fit. So, we decided to create a whole new blog.

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback since we launched yesterday, which makes me even more excited to move forward. I’ll be doing much of the posting at the beginning, but expect to see a variety of bylines as it gets up and running.

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