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Reuters employees hand out flyers in front of customer's office

May 5, 2010

Thomson Reuters employees handed out informational fliers in front of Barclays Bank on Friday to let the bank’s employees know that they’re upset with how management is handling their pay squabble. notes, “The flyers asked whether customers could be sure they were getting the news they need to make crucial financial decisions when Reuters is slashing the wages, benefits and morale of the very employees who are asked to go that extra mile to find important news.”

The site later posted, “No one should have to beg for a decent raise or compromise journalistic standards by writing advertising copy for the company between covering stories in order to avoid what amounts to a 10 percent cut in compensation. Reuters also shows a cavalier approach to time-honored journalistic standards by pushing journalists to concentrate on moving stock prices as a way to get ahead. That’s a dangerous formula that could mean insignificant news that might move the price of a small company is covered at the expense of the news customers really need.”

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