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Quartz has launched a new homepage

July 1, 2020

Posted by Chris Roush

Quartz managing editor Kira Bindrim wrote the following Wednesday about its new home page:

Today we unveiled a new version of our homepage that draws inspiration from our popular email newsletters like the Quartz Daily Brief and Quartz Weekly Obsession. These informative, concise, and conversational rundowns have taught us a lot about how you prefer to get your news; now we’re bringing what we’ve learned to QZ.com and our iOS app.

The new homepage outlines what’s going on in the global economy and what you should take away from each story. We’re offering more than just headlines here: It’s a mix of original reporting, quotes from experts, lists, charts, and of course emoji.

When we survey readers, you tell us you are inundated with information, short on time, low on trust, and eager to understand what’s important without feeling like you’ve got homework. You worry that your news consumption must be either disappointingly shallow (Twitter) or dauntingly deep (stacks of unread magazines). Our homepage aims for a sweet spot, making you a little smarter about a lot of things while opening plenty of doors to learn more. And it works whether you start each day with a newsletter or end it with an app; whether you keep 10 tabs open on a desktop or save stories for later on a phone.

While our homepage is accessible to all readers, we hope you’ll consider becoming a member of Quartz. It gives you unlimited access to our articles, field guides, presentations, and member-exclusive emails on everything from corporate diversity to how to evaluate data. It’s also a great way to support our journalism, which includes projects like this one. Try membership free for seven days, or take 40% off the first year.

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