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On the trading floor with Petallides of Fox Business Network

October 9, 2008

Stephen Dalton of The Wall Street Fighter site spent some time with Fox Business Network reporter Nicole Petallides, who spends most of her time reporting from the New York Stock Exchange.

Nicole PetallidesDalton writes, “The booth is set up with a live-ready camera permanently mounted pointing at Nicole’s reporting spot. There’s also a small flat screen TV monitor showing what’s currently airing on FBN at that moment. In addition to that, Nicole is easily contacted via her cell phone and checks research reports sent to her on her laptop. But that’s only half the battle. A lot of Nicole’s day involves keeping up with all the trader chat on the floor.

“On this particular day, Nicole was up at 4 AM preparing to anchor Fox Business’ morning news show. Following that she reported to her booth and hunkered down for a day full of hourly live reports.
Interesting factoid that Fox Business loves to bring up – they are the only network located literally on the floor of the exchange. Compared to the glass booths looming high above inhabited by Mark Haines and Erin Burnett on Squawk Box, FBN has a little cubby-hole style pit right in the thick of the action.

“It appears to really work to their advantage because it gives Nicole easy access to her source material. She’s even bold enough to steal a chair from a nearby trading booth if she wants. In addition to the exchange floor tradition of a ‘mandated jacket’ dress code, I also think it’s forbidden to say ‘No’ to a girl who steals your chair.”

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