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NYT report on Chinese cars debunks earlier stories on Lou Dobbs

October 20, 2006

Ken Shepherd of the Business & Media Institute noted that a front page story in the New York Times earlier this week by Keith Bradsher took a reporting angle that was the exact opposite of reports earlier this year on CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

Keith BradsherShepherd wrote, “Aside from Dobbs’s unfounded fear of free trade, his report looks laughable in hindsight. It appears the red dawn Dobbs feared from communist China is far from breaking over the horizon.

“’Despite growing anxiety that the Chinese would quickly seek to conquer yet another important industry, it now looks as if it will be at least another several years before Chinese automakers start exporting large numbers of cars they both design and make,’ Times automobile reporter Keith Bradsher wrote in his front page article.

“Aside from poor aesthetic design, poorly organized production plants, and inadequate safety standards, Bradsher added that ‘the global market’ for motor vehicles ‘has become so integrated and competitive that China will have to move much faster’ than Toyota or Honda did when they debuted at American dealerships.�

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