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NYT biz reporter Tweets what she really thinks about Toyota

March 30, 2010

New York Times business reporter Hiroko Tabuchi issued a number of interesting, and opinionated, Tweets about Toyota on Monday after attending one of its news conferences.

The Toyota recall and quality problems are on her beat.

The nytpicker site that tracks the Times found the Tweets refreshing, but in violation of the company’s social media guidelines.

The Tweets included:

• ToyotaMan: We’re gonna confiscate your mobile phones once we get off the bus. And you must wear our (butt-ugly) yellow Toyota hats. Whaa..?

• Me: Since we’re just sitting here waiting to depart, can I go get a coffee? ToyotaMan: No. Me: I’ll be back in just a minute. ToyotaMan: No.

• Back! Toyota coffee machine just recalled my coffee, said it failed a taste check so it wd make another cup. I’m dead serious, place is nuts

• Akio Toyoda took very few questions, ignored reporters incl me who tried to ask a follow-up. I’m sorry, but Toyota sucks.

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