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No gender gap in business journalism

December 3, 2008

Fox Business Network anchor Liz Claman is profiled in the Hudson Reporter, a suburban paper in New Jersey.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

So much news coverage, especially business, focuses on New York. Do you feel that this side of the Hudson River gets adequate media attention?

It’s so funny. My mother who’s been living in California for 48 years said, “When I look at the bottom of any jar or any can, everything’s made in New Jersey.� New Jersey is a massive hub of American business. We cover all of the pharmaceutical businesses and Hain, a major health food business. … This is a state that is amazingly entrenched in American business.

Is it difficult being a woman in business journalism?

Not at all. I’d be running around in hurricanes and explosions and drug busts, and I never noticed any gender differences. I never felt like I didn’t get the good assignments. In business news, I think people [just] want to be interviewed by journalists who are engaged and interested.

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