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Newspaper staff shares why they are thankful this Thanksgiving

November 27, 2019

Posted by Mariam Ahmed

Thanksgiving is a day to think about the things in life we are most grateful for. Here are a few stories by newspaper staffers as to why they are thankful this Thanksgiving.

“I’m thankful for the intimacy of local journalism; that we live alongside the people we talk with and write about, and that the issues we cover affect us, too. Michigan is our home and it’s a profound responsibility and privilege to report what is important to us all.” – Stephanie Angel is the state editor of USA TODAY.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with people who are incredibly talented and passionate about journalism.” – Bryce Airgood is a business reporter at the Times Herald

“I am thankful local journalism gives me the opportunity to learn about our natural environment and the people who care for it.” – Jeremy Ervin covers environment, education and more

“I’m thankful for the local athletic directors who’ve gone out of their way to welcome me to the area. Especially St. Clair AD Sandy Rutledge, who showed hospitality to me in the East China press box you normally only get at college games. He gave me a giant-sized laminated roster, a halftime meal on the house and great working accommodations.” – Brandon Folsom is the sports reporter at the Times Herald.

“I’m thankful for the positive impact local journalism has on the community” – Laura Fitzgerald covers public safety and breaking news at the Times Herald.

“I’m thankful for the coworkers I’ve had the ability to learn and grow with during my time at the Times Herald and the readers who have allowed us into their lives to tell their stories.” – Liz Shepard is the news content coach at the Times Herald.

“I’m just grateful people stick with us as subscribers so we can keep at it. Today’s climate isn’t always kind to reporters or journalism. But readers care about their community — just like we do. That basic common ground matters.” – Jackie Smith covers local government at the Times Herald.

“I’m thankful for the people who allow us to come into their lives to tell their stories.” – Brian Wells is a staff photographer at the Times Herald.

“I’m thankful for the ability to tell the stories of the people and places who make up the community I’ve lived in for two decades.” — Kayla Daugherty, breaking news reporter

“I’m thankful because I like to think of our local coverage of the community binding the community together.” — Gillis Benedict, photographer and videographer.

“I am most thankful to be able to tell stories that need to be told, especially those involving local people who need help and come to us for it.” — Sean Bradley, general assignment reporter.

“I am thankful for the relationships I’ve made with some awesome people during my years of covering local sports, and for the opportunity to witness and write about the great accomplishments of the young athletes I cover.” — Bill Khan, sports reporter.

“As a local journalist, I’m thankful that I have a unique opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and tell their stories.” — Jennifer Timar, business reporter.

“I am most thankful for the athletes in this community who are willing to sit down and share their emotions, vulnerabilities and fears in a way that allows us to show fans that there’s always something deeper going on beneath a facemask or jersey.” – Nate Atkins is the sports storyteller at LSJ.

“I’m thankful for passionate, engaged readers who aren’t afraid to share their thoughts on quality of life, governance and a range of other issues because continual feedback from the community helps us do our jobs more efficiently and effectively.” – Megan Banta is a enterprise reporter at LSJ.

“I’m thankful for the people who choose to share their stories with us every day, to help us start conversations that can lead to real, meaningful change.” – Kara Berg is a breaking news reporter at LSJ.

“I’m thankful I get to share stories of local athletes and teams with their community, and give everyone something they can keep in remembrance of their early athletic career.” – Nathaniel Bott is a sports reporter at LSJ.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to tell the positive stories about high school sports teams and athletes in Greater Lansing – especially in a time when coverage of preps is becoming limited by news organizations.” – Brian Calloway is the lead high school sports reporter at LSJ.

“I’m thankful to have people I trust watching over the community I love.” – Graham Couch is a sports columnist at LSJ.

“I’m thankful for all the stories about the community and everyday people that we produce on a daily basis, which national media can’t bring you.” – Joe Dandron is a news assistant at LSJ.

“I’m thankful for our community partnerships, including work with the MSU Association of Black Journalists, because it challenges me to be both a better leader and journalist.” – Jada Fisher is a news assistant at LSJ.

“I’m thankful that we’ve got a newsroom full of reporters who are great at providing insight into stories the community needs to know about.” – Phil Friend is a digital sports reporter at LSJ.

“I’m thankful for our incredibly dedicated newsroom coaches who support and guide LSJ’s reporters; they make our work better and help us strive to always be better journalists.” – Rachel Greco is a reporter who covers life in Eaton County and communities surrounding Lansing at LSJ.




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