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New Mexico biz writer's perspective on a new beat

March 7, 2006

Kyle Marksteiner, a reporter with the Carlsbad Current-Argus is becoming a business writer, and he’s somewhat nervous about his new beat.

Marksteiner writes in this morning’s newspaper: “The business beat can be the toughest assignment at a newspaper. Let’s be honest, people get a little edgy when it comes to their business. This is understandable. It’s their livelihood.

Carlsbad Current-Argus

“Opening a new business is a tough calling in Carlsbad. Lots of people bring some great ideas to the table, but the ideas don’t always catch on.

“The media’s ability to cover business is different than its ability to cover the county, city, police department or school district. State and city public institutions have some obligation to provide information, even if they don’t want to.

“There is no real obligation for a business owner to work with the media. Some business people don’t want to take any risks with uncontrolled publicity.

“Other businesses want publicity when something good is going on, but don’t want that darn blasted media anywhere near them when something not so good is happening.

“Businesses are also understandably competitive. If I write a piece on how wonderful Joe’s bait shop is, you can bet I’ll get angry phone calls from Bart’s bait shop; Susie’s bait shop; and Buford’s bait shop, arcade and wedding supply shoppe.”

Of course, Kyle mentions nothing about the lovely Chamber of Commerce dinners he’ll get to attend and write about, or the pseudo-business stories his editors will ask him to cover.

Read the article here.

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