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New line of blogs to help biz journalists

October 19, 2006

I’ve checked out a new line of blogs formed by the guys at BlogNetBiz.com that I think might be helpful to business journalists. One is a blog that collects information and news about the auto industry, while another focuses on the economy.

Dave Mastio of BlogNetNews.com, which is creating these blogs, told me in an e-mail that more business-related topics would soon have their own blogs as well.

“Right now I am adding two aggregators a week — one state news aggregator an one to either BNLife, Biz or Sports,â€? said Mastio. “So I am going to be adding about one business topic a month.  Next up is this weekend, and it will be energy/environment blogs. We currently have BlogNetNews with California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas and Virginia. BlogNetSports has NCAA Football. BlogNetLife has parenting. BlogNetBiz has autos and economics.

“The main goal of my site is to build an on ramp for the blogosphere for the kind of readers who wouldn’t invest the time to go from blog to blog to blog to blog looking for places they’d be interested in, but would read blogs if someone helped them cut out the front end work.

“The secondary audience is bloggers, journalists, pr folk and insiders in whatever industry the aggregator covers who can save time by using BlogNetWhatever to quickly find the best, most relevant info for them. I’d describe the site as a front page for a certain part of the blogosphere. Just like the front page of a newspaper, the idea is to let you see what’s new, important, controversial, etc.

�Part of what I am doing also is using the united RSS feeds to build services that help bloggers promote themselves and build communities of interest. Go to bearingdrift.com and you can see a Virginia blogger who is using my BlogNetNews VA blogs search engine and two versions of BNN Bulletin, one to promote the latest posts from other bloggers in his geographic area and another for conservative bloggers from across Virginia.�

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