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NBC News preps tech/innovation site, hires Freeman

December 6, 2016

Posted by Chris Roush

NBC News MACHDavid Freeman, formerly managing editor of the impact and innovation channel and founding editor of the science section at the Huffington Post, has joined NBC News as the lead editor of MACH.

MACH is NBC News Digital’s new tech, science and innovation vertical, which is currently in beta at nbcnews.com/mach.

Ashley Parrish, executive editor NBC News Lifestyle and TODAY Digital, sent out a message to the staff on Tuesday that said:

 A thrill seeker at heart, I knew David would be a perfect fit for MACH. He has climbed Kilimanjaro, he has attended race car driving school, as a kid he kept hawks in his backyard and he once spent the night in an underwater hotel. But perhaps the most exciting David Freeman fact is that his pup Captain Scruffy used to have his own YouTube channel.

The MACH channel is now fully staffed. David (with Captain Scruffy in tow) joins Matthew Kitchen, former MSNBC homepage editor who has a few fun facts of his own. He’s a time travel nerd and a Taekwondo black belt. As a kid he built rockets with his dad, many of which can probably still be found on the roofs of a few Phoenix area high schools. Matthew recently rode the NY Century and has an unhealthy affinity for James Bond.

The vertical will officially launch in early 2017. Kitchen is deputy editor of MACH

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