Naked shorts using business journalism for hysteria

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  1. rvac106 says:

    I must comment on the critique you mention. In the NY Post, by one of their Variety type writers, mentioning an opinion put out by another Post writer, a Roddy Boyd, who has been alternating between being a journalist and a misguided shill for the hedge fund industry. There is an inherent problem with the Internet. Anyone can publish, and to all intents and purposes write whatever they choose, whether true, or false, or idiotic. It takes a certain amount of followup to determine which. Weiss seems to take a number of different tacks in his piece. It’s my impression that the “‘machinations in the Morgan Stanley executive suite while ordinary investors are robbed blind by scams that continue to this day’â€? ARE directly related to the Naked Short Selling Scandal. If you are interested in reading about what Mr. Weiss is rebutting, please visit http://WWW.CFRN.NET, where they have put up a large amount of audio and slideshow information on the subject, under the heading FRAUD ON WALL STREET. You can also find a great deal of information at

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