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Motley Fool writer loves CNBC's "Fast Money"

October 4, 2006

Motley Fool contributoe Steven Mallas wrote on Wednesday that he’s a big fan of the new CNBC show “Fast Money” hosted by Dylan Ratigan that was also featured in the Monday New York Times.

Motley FoolMallas wrote, “It’s an energetic roundtable discussion populated by four tough-guy traders who spit at the ramparts of institutional entities. They even come with sobriquets befitting a quartet of professional wrestlers. There’s Guy Adami, who is known by the mysterious moniker of ‘The Negotiator.’ Eric Bolling plays ‘The Admiral,’ a man who knows what a barrel of oil will cost before it’s priced. Don’t give any warnings to Tim Strazzini — he’s ‘The Risk Doctor,’ and it’s he who will be handing out the red flags. And last, but certainly not least, is the bald — think Stone Cold Steve Austin — Jeff Macke, whose handle is ‘The Lone Wolf.’ Are we talking about traders or superheroes a la the Fantastic Four?

“I love this show. The hour is wildly entertaining and informative — you can learn an awful lot about the ways of getting in and out of stocks quickly and efficiently, and about how volatility can be hedged using derivative instruments like calls and puts. The graphics are cool, the pace is quick, and there are even ‘takedown’ moments when one trader disagrees with another.”

But later, Mallas wrote, “Individual investors should be wary of trading along with the ‘Fast Money’ crowd, but I can see why CNBC promotes the program.”

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