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More space for business news inside the A section

April 20, 2009

Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli answered questions online from readers on Monday, including one from a subscriber who said he didn’t like the decision to move the business news into the A section.

Here is an excerpt:

Metro D.C.: I have to say I really don’t like where the Business section/page is located now. It seems out of place. I know there are new headers on pages, like Business, World, Federal Interest, etc. but this doesn’t seem to work well. And I think the Post has shrunk in size again, am I wrong?

Marcus Brauchli: I’m sorry you don’t like the new arrangement. When we made the decision to take the stock-market statistics out of the daily newspaper (we still run listings on Sundays), we felt it made more sense to integrate our coverage of the economy and business into the A section. National, Foreign and Business news are tightly intertwined in any case, and the flow made sense to us. It also made it easier for us to create more space for business news on days when there’s a lot to report, which is a pretty regular occurrence.

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