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  1. John Rock says:

    After Overstock’s conference call Aug 12 , 2005 where the CEO discussed his lawsuit against Gradient and Rocker he said he was done talking about it, that he was handing the baton over to his lawyers. Well not only did he continue talking , Bill Alberts story in Barrons has me thinking he has been busy orchestrating a silence and squeeze enterprise whos only qualification to join is to have been mentioned by Gradient or Greenberg. ….Whats bizarre is a freedom of information request of the SEC for a tally of all investigations that were triggered by Gradient or the press would show the SEC should be making a offer for Gradient , not subpeoning them or the press…

    I see few Edward R. Murrow types out there and after 9/11 , even less appetite for one but something should be done. Jim Chano’s thoughts that were reported in this weekends WSJ should be front and center..

  2. John Rock says:

    I’m lucky to have made it out of high school but i can’t see how a historian could write much of anything about post 9/11 america without following and understanding whats going on here….

  3. John Rock says:

    I just stopped by the CNBC squawk box blog . They removed most of my commments about their coverage of this issue. There certainly isn’t a Edward R. Murrow in that bunch . …

  1. March 3, 2006

    Financial Journalists and Manipulation

    The real problem facing financial journalism — which is also none of the SEC’s business — is reporters serving as a conduit for Wall Street hype and sleaze.

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