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Minneapolis paper brings back stock listings for Saturday

October 28, 2006

The Minneapolis Star Tribune, which cut its stock listings earlier this year, announced in Saturday’s newspaper that it was bringing back some of its stock prices and mutual fund listings for the Saturday paper.

Star TribuneDuchesne Drew, assistant managing editor of business, wrote, “The Star Tribune’s Saturday Business section has resumed publishing expanded stock and mutual fund listings. We publish about 500 stocks and 75 mutual funds Tuesday through Friday. The new, two-page weekly market review on Saturdays includes 1,000 stocks (capturing more than 90 percent of the money invested in the markets) and more than 1,200 mutual funds (capturing more than 85 percent of market capitalization). The new Saturday format also includes more details about the stocks and funds, including 52-week highs and lows for stocks and 12-month returns for funds.

“Although an increasing number of people are using the Internet to track their investments, we recognize that a number of people aren’t online or prefer to review their portfolios in the newspaper. We’ve heard from many of them in the months since we reduced the listings, and this restoration of stocks and mutual funds is intended to meet their needs.”

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