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Medill student afraid of Economics Reporting

January 4, 2006

Found this interesting post from a Northwestern University student — first name Laura — who starts taking Economics Reporting today:

“I am taking an economics reporting class. I’m fairly frightened of reporting with numbers and I’ve heard good things about this class, so I thought it would be challenging and interesting and all that heart-warming junk. Before class has even started, our professor has already sent us a fun little “exercise,” to determine our net worth. We subtract our liabilities (stuff we owe, for me, like a million dollars) from our assets (stuff we own, for me, like NOTHING), and determine our equity. This is sure to be a depressing experience. Then at the bottom of the page, we do income vs. expenses. I think this exercise alone is enough for me to quit school and start temping or something. So maybe it’s a good thing! heh. Wish me luck, classes start tomorrow!!!”

The entire post can be read here.

Yes, I am forwarding this message to the business journalism professors at Northwestern. Yes, this is what those of us in the education racket have to overcome when trying to convince students that writing about business and the economy can be fun and interesting if the students can learn some simple math.

But I do think the student is being a bit overdramatic. Maybe she’ll learn how to balance her checkbook and other life skills by the end of the semester.

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