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Media speculate about Apple event

September 1, 2009

Damon Darlin of the New York Times writes about how the business media is speculating about what Apple will announce at a news conference next week.

Darlin writes, “The question is, of course, what will be announced? Apple gives directions to the invitation-only event from the south, north and east, but says little else. (It doesn’t even say it is a product announcement; it’s simply an event.)

“Apple did include a picture of the iconic silhouetted figure of a dancing woman with the equally iconic white earbuds and cord that connect to an iPod. Across the picture are the words, ‘It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.’

“Something to do with music, right?

“And that’s all it takes: BusinessWeek, giving up its earlier speculation about a tablet, says it’s a new iPod. Wrong, says Silicon Alley Insider, it’s a Flip camera crusher. Jim Goldman at CNBC and AppleInsider propel rumors that the Beatles are coming to iTunes because, well, Wednesday is the same day the band is re-releasing its entire catalog, as well as the game The Beatles: Rock Band.”

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