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Manjoo: Tough to leave Wall Street Journal

January 17, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

Farhad Manjoo, who has been hired to review tech gadgets for The New York Times, writes about leaving The Wall Street Journal after only four months.

Manjoo writes:

But I was not actually very disappointed, because my new job at the WSJ and the colleagues I’d found myself working with were pretty much perfect.

Honestly, I mean that very sincerely. I wish there was an emoticon I could use to indicate I’m not speaking out of the corner of my mouth when I say this. The fact that I spent like four seconds at the WSJ before departing to a rival raises all kinds of assumptions—mainly about my own character, granted, but also regarding the WSJ.

And I want to nip those in the bud. Over the last few months, I’ve gotten a chance to work with some of the best reporters and editors anywhere. Jonathan Krim, the editor who hired me, was a master to work with, and he has assembled an amazing team whose skills I was constantly in awe of. Until about a couple weeks ago, I thought I would work at the WSJ for a very long, happy time. Krim has big plans for the place, and I was eager to be a part of them.

Indeed, even after I got the NYT offer, I agonized about what to do. Yes, this is sort of like the agony of choosing between two very delicious pieces of cake, but still. I was on the fence about this, and though I’m thrilled beyond words about the NYT, I really hope those guys at the WSJ know that I bear them no ill will.

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