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Maine biz magazine launches

December 9, 2009

Ann Mostue of the Maine Public Broadcasting Network interviewed Maine Ahead editor in chief Tori Britton about the launch of the new business magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

Anne Mostue: So, what about the decision to start a business, let alone a print publication, during such a recession? This magazine was about two years in the making?

TB: We were actually getting out to get investors in our parent company which is Webster Atlantic and then the economy went in the tank. So we had to take longer to develop this basically on our own dime without having that cash come in. At a certain point we had to launch and I remember reading something about most of the great companies that are still here today were born during the Great Depression. I mean, it’s opportunity as well as risk. I do think that business people especially are looking for answers so it is a great time to come out into the marketplace with a publication that is grounding.

AM: So can you tell us a little bit about what’s inside the magazine?

TB: Well, what you have to do with a magazine is you have to create a template. You have to create something that people can expect month after month. In each issue we’ll have what’s called a podium, it’s going to be an interview with someone that is important and articulate, hopefully they’ll be forthcoming. In our first issue we talk with Ron Hodges who is the CEO of Hannaford. And he does a great interview but most people haven’t heard from him and he’s Maine’s second highest employer. And then we have something called Private Tour where you go inside a place where you, a consumer or a business person might wonder what it’s like inside. So we’ll take you inside, show you things and tell you how it all works. And so our first issue is Shipyard.

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