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Lou Dobbs of Fox Business is not a coffee snob

October 28, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

Matt Viser of the Boston Globe interviewed Fox Business Network anchor Lou Dobbs about his coffee-drinking habits.

Here is an excerpt:

What time will you drink your last cup?

I probably drink coffee right up until about an hour before the broadcast. I’m drinking regular coffee in the newsroom.

What’s your stance on decaf?

It’s terrific. I’m not one of these guys who has a strong feeling one way or another. My tastes in coffee are pretty elemental. I’m not a coffee snob in any way. Whatever works for people is great. I love starting the day with half-and-half. Somewhere along the past decade that became my routine. I haven’t shifted.

When and why did you start drinking coffee?

I guess it started early. In newsrooms, a cup of rancid, thick coffee sitting in a pot all day long. And it’s just a habit that I picked up. I wasn’t particularly a coffee drinker. I just became one because it was there. Now I can’t do without it. Nor would I want to.

Describe the most memorable cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

The most memorable cup I ever had is the first one each morning. That is the start of consciousness. I have to have it. It sets the stage for the day. And without it, it sets an entirely different tone for the day. I’m deeply grateful for that first cup.

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