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Longest market bull run in 80 years ignored by media

May 5, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

Tom Blumer writes on the NewsBusters web site that except for a story on CNNMoney.com, the financial press has ignored the longest bull run in 80 years for the stock market.

Stock market bullBlumer wrote, “The pervasive lack of coverage is stunning. Two Google News searches (on ‘since 1927‘ [not in quotes] and ‘80 years,’ [in quotes]) pulled up only one additional mention of the ‘bull run’ beyond the CNNMoney item cited in this post — and at that link, the writer characterizes the once-in-80-year event as ‘the best in over half a century.’ However, AHN’s Matthew Borghese did note that the S&P 500 is now ‘just points away’ (about 1.5%) from its all-time high.

“I also looked for coverage of the ‘bull run’ at the home page and business home page of the New York Times on the web. There was nothing on the Times home page beyond the normal ticker. The coverage of the stock market was the very last linked item on the Business section home page; the related underlying article made no mention of the ‘bull run.’

“Friday’s stock market news is on Page D4 of Saturday’s Washington Post print edition, with no ‘bull run’ mention.”

Read more here. Just wondering, but do you think the financial press is a bit gun shy with touting the market these days since it was criticized for doing too much touting during the late 1990s?

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