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Judge refuses to hear argument to unseal records in iPhone case

May 7, 2010

A California judge judge refused to hear arguments from a coalition of media lawyers seeking access to details of a search warrant served by a task force that raided a Gizmodo blogger’s home on April 23 in a case involving a missing iPhone prototype from Apple Inc., reports the Los Angeles Times.

David Sarno and Jessica Guynn write, “Objecting to Hall’s refusal to hear the arguments, Roger Myers, a lawyer for the media coalition, said  ‘the judge’s ruling was consistent with the interests of the DA’s office and law enforcement’ rather than with the public’s interest in discovering the details of the raid.

“Officials also noted that the sealed affidavit — the document in which the argument for obtaining the search warrant was laid out —  is not a public record, and is therefore not subject to public records requests made by reporters and media lawyers.

“Media lawyers said they were attempting to contact Cretan’s office to get a hearing set for Thursday or Friday of next week.”

Read more here. CNET also has a story about the case here.

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