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Jeff Kreisler is my new favorite business writer

May 28, 2006

OK, so Jeff Kreisler is not a business journalist per se. In fact, he’s just a New York-based comedian. But somehow, he has talked TheStreet.com into giving him carte blanche once a week, typically on Saturday or Sunday, to write about the funny stuff that happens in the business world.

Jeff KreislerOK, so maybe it’s not funny stuff, but just Kreisler making jokes about the serious stuff that happens in the business world. This is the job that I dream about.

Today’s column made me laugh out loud three times. First, there was this: “Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling: guilty. The former Enron honchos should’ve skipped the Scooby-Doo ‘Rrrrrrrr-I didn’t know’ defense for the ‘I did not have fraud with that company’ and then pointed to Fannie Mae, which got a spanking too this week.

“A report from Fannie’s regulator said the company’s financials were ‘illusions’ created by execs in a $11 billion scheme. Oddly enough, ‘Illusions’ is also the name of the summer tour starring Fannie Mae, her cousin Daisy Duke and her sister/aunt/nanny Britney Spears.”

Then, there was this: “In other scandalous developments, executives in charge of retailer Royal Ahold were convicted of fraud this week, when a Dutch jury found them to be ‘A couple of Royal pains in the Ahold.'”

And then, finally, this: “Speaking of things going wrong, Ben Bernanke apologized for discussing policy with a CNBC anchor, noting ‘I’d be even more embarrassed if I weren’t planning on raising rates to 6% next month. … Oops! Did I say that out loud?'”

Funny stuff, my man. Funny stuff.

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