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Inside Cable News packs it in

February 15, 2008

Posted by Chris Roush

Inside Cable News, which had chronicled what was going on at CNBC and Fox Business Network, among others, has ceased operations.

Inside Cable NewsA statement on the site said, “I always knew the day would come when I’d have to pull the plug on ICN. Eventually its demands on my time would interfere enough with my schedule and impact my life so severely that I’d have to scale it back. Scaling it back was not an option. You don’t do less just so you can keep doing it. You don’t cut corners. You don’t resort to posting filler to make up for a lack of quality posts. You don’t do all those things and watch your viewers tune out because your product is going south. You either make the effort to put out a quality product or you quit. Actually, those rules apply to cable news too. I’m looking in your direction MSNBC dayside.

“Anyway, I’ve reached that point. I can’t keep ICN going in its current form anymore. If you’d noticed it’s been slipping a bit this week as I floundered to try and ‘do it all’. That was a wake up call. Time to call it a day. Time to reclaim those five hours a day of of my life that are devoted to doing something I like but which I can’t make a living off of. And then there’s my real job which pays me more than I could probably make blogging.

“This was all just supposed to be a part time thing for me anyway. A hobby. I was supposed to be part of a team. Yeah, when we started we sucked. I sucked. But over time I found my footing and started doing something with the blog. Though I’m sure some people still think I suck…”

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