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How The Points Guy covers the travel industry

January 6, 2021

Posted by Chris Roush

Jamie Lauren Keiles of The New York Times writes about the growth of The Points Guy, which covers the travel industry, and its founder Brian Kelly.

Keiles writes, “Since 2010, The Points Guy has published over 30,000 blog posts: hotel, airline and cruise-ship reviews, next to wonkish analyses of rewards-program fine print. (Some typical headlines: “Why the Amex Gold Is the Perfect ‘In Between’ Credit Card”; “How to Get to Puerto Rico on Miles and Points”; “Why I Canceled Bora Bora Again.”) Kelly is only the face of the site; the ‘guy’ is now voiced by a 30-person team of credit-card experts, aviation reporters and expats from legacy travel media. Older travel publications sell a daydream: crisp ocean vistas, street side cafes, European hamlets with more steeples than people. The Points Guy sells that daydream as a promise, upholding a sworn oath to help you “maximize your travel.”

“This is not a false promise, at least not on an individual basis. Almost anyone with a decent credit score can get a free vacation by following the protocol outlined in the ‘T.P.G. Beginner’s Guide.’ First, forget your debit card. Your debit card has “no point — pun intended.” It takes without giving and spends without earning. ‘Wouldn’t you rather know that all the money you spend is like an investment toward your next trip?'”

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