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How the FT reached 1 million followers on Google+

June 26, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

Devon Glenn of SocialMedia.com writes about how the Financial Times was able to garner 1 million followers on Google+ since it started posting content on the site in November.

Here is part of Glenn’s interview with an FT representative:

What did you do to attract so many followers?

From the start, we’ve listened to our followers very closely to understand what kind of features they want to see on the platform.  This means analyzing what content drives sharing, +1′s and comments.  We also make use of the highly visual nature of Google+ when deciding what to post. We are fortunate to have a rich stream of visually stunning content from our correspondents around the world to share with an interested and engaged audience.

Google+ also features prominently on FT.com articles, allowing visitors to share content on whatever social media platform they choose (including Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).

How did you use Google+ to personalize content for specific audiences?

Across most social media platforms, the FT varies the type of posts it makes, interspersing core FT content with questions to our fans, photos from the FT, videos and insights into our work.

Over one million Google+ users have added the FT to their circles, meaning they decide what content they want to see on their page. Google+’s personalization tools are particularly strong.

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