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How Stossel came to Fox Business — and what about that moustache?

December 22, 2009

Paul Bedard of U.S. News writes about the move made by John Stossel from ABC to the Fox Business Network — and whether he or co-worker Geraldo Rivera has tbe better moustache.

Bedard writes, “Stossel danced with Fox for a long time before leaving 20/20, where he was known for contrarian reporting and his trademark ‘Give me a break’ segments. ‘When I would have a special at 20/20, the subject appealed to people at Fox, and they would invite me over to do O’Reilly or Hannity or Fox and Friends,’ he says. ‘When I would appear on CNN, I was viewed as not part of the mainstream in a way that just made me feel much more welcome at Fox.’

“Fred Francis, a former NBC reporter now with 15-Seconds.com, calls the Fox-Stossel teaming a good fit. ‘Four noble reasons: John gets a paycheck and a platform; Fox Biz gets a brand name and some buzz,’ he says.

“At Fox, Stossel plans to expand his questioning of authority, especially official Washington and President Obama. ‘There’s a magic-politician conceit that everything that happens happens because somebody in Washington makes it happen. This is why I wanted to come to Fox,’ he says. ‘Obama acts like everything comes from him or Washington. That’s a terrible thing. Because Washington’s one-size-fits-all rules will do more harm than good.'”

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