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How news organizations are moving to video

February 5, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

Brian Stelter  of The New York Times writes about how traditional print media organizations such as Thomson Reuters and The Wall Street Journal are now pushing into video production as well.

Stelter writes, “Over time, these news organizations believe, the definition and the distribution of television will change, allowing upstarts like The Journal’s live network, WSJ Live, to appear on both big and small screens alongside incumbent networks. Already, some Internet-connected TV sets can stream live and on-demand video from The Journal, which is seen as the trailblazer of this nascent industry.

“‘We’re not trying to be a cable channel,’ Mr. Murray said Friday in a telephone interview. ‘What we are trying to do is to serve our readers in any media and on any platform that they want us on.’

“The vast majority of Internet video consumption is on demand and will almost certainly stay that way. Only 5 percent of The Journal’s video traffic goes to its live streams, Mr. Murray said.

“But ‘news is inherently live, so being able to cover live events is important,’ he said.

“Live segments also double as on-demand segments, since they are recorded and reposted later. Mr. Murray said, ‘Even the people who watch it later appreciate that it was live; it adds to the verisimilitude of the video.'”

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