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How Forbes has begun targeting millennials

February 22, 2017

Posted by Chris Roush

Forbes April 19 2016Sami Main of Adweek writes about how Forbes magazine has pivoted its content to where now nearly half of its readers are millennials.

Main writes, “While Forbes magazine publishes 15 times a year, the Forbes website sees about 56 million visitors a month. Nearly half are considered part of a millennial demographic.

“More than 50 percent, and sometimes up to 70 percent, of digital readers come from mobile devices, comparable to other digital publishers. With that in mind, Forbes set out to design a completely consumable experience that would match other swipeable platforms for bigger projects on their site.

“With people swiping and rotating in other apps, the team at Forbes wanted bigger packages to feel familiar to their millennial audience and create an easier experience for them to navigate.

“‘This is a generation who grew up with [Mark] Zuckerberg,’ said Lewis DVorkin, and industry veteran who was Forbes’ executive editor in the Internet 1.0 days, and returned as chief product officer in 2010. ‘Young people want to do good or make their own non-traditional company.’

“‘Not many new media start-ups have succeeded in attracting a young, business crowd,’ he said.”

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