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Greensboro paper to cut stock listings

April 17, 2006

John Robinson, the editor of the Greensboro News & Record, notes in his blog on Monday that the paper will be cutting its stock listings and offering expanding stock information on the paper’s Web site.

John Robinson Robinson writes, “You want more stock information. We’re providing it online with a new tool that allows you to create a customized portfolio. In the paper, we’re going to offer an abbreviated listing of stocks. More details on the new online stock tracker and our stock listings will come Monday in an article on B1.”

In another post, Robinson writes, “We expect this will dismay some of our older readers, but we think that number is dwindling and that most people use the available information online. When we were pondering this decision, we consulted several financial brokers. They asked us the same thing: what took you so long? With this move, we papers in New York, L.A., Chicago and Denver, among others, in curtailing daily listings.

“In place of the stock listings, we are providing a daily half-page summary of market activity, including charts tracking the Dow Jones Industrials, Nasdaq and the Standard & Poor’s 500 indices. That summary also will include an expanded list of stocks of local interest.”

Is it just more, or does it seem like the pace at which newspapers are cutting stock listings has increased in the past few weeks? Typically, these are announced in the weekend papers, and this weekend we had Greensboro, Tacoma and Minneapolis, plus Elimira, N.Y. say it’s assessing the situation. In the past, there has only been one or two per weekend.

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