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Getting her finger on the pulse of the market

August 21, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

Brianne Burrows of I Want Her Job, a website focused on accomplished women in the workforce, interviewed Bloomberg TV anchor Stephanie Ruhle, who delved into her background on Wall Street — she was previously a managing director at Deutsche Bank — and told the story of how she joined the network last October and what she does there.

Here is an excerpt:

I specialize at Bloomberg TV in what we call “Word on the Street,” so based on whatever’s the most buzzed about news, I reach out to my contacts and interview market insiders on how they’re reacting. I get my finger on the pulse of how the market is truly responding and why this really matters to professionals.

After our shows, I spend a lot of time with our print team, Bloomberg News, and we work on a number of stories. I seem to be focused on some of the bigger, more controversial stories. I also do a number of lighter pieces that focus on Wall Street culture. It brings about such interesting characters.

My afternoons are often spent doing special packages for our show, interviews with people who don’t necessarily come on TV and working with our print team. The stories and headlines we work on move markets and can affect, in part, what happens to companies and executives. And there’s a responsibility that comes with it. Unlike other news outlets, there’s no race to get the story out first and with the splashiest headline.

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