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Getting biz reporters to care about a boring topic

October 26, 2009

Allen Wastler, the managing editor of CNBC.com, writes about getting his staff members to care about writing about boring topics such as net neutrality.

Wastler writes, “This is a particular problem for news managers (that’d be, cough, me). We know that a certain story is really important. But our editors and reporters tend to drag their feet on it; not out of maliciousness or ignorance, mind you. Just because it is B…O…R…I…N…G in terms of writing and reporting.

“We have one of the these types of stories today. But I finally managed to get my staff to pay attention to it at our morning news meeting.

“‘Folks,’ I said (okay, I’m cleaning this up a bit for publication). ‘What if we couldn’t put up all our news stories and videos because the Internet pipes were too clogged? Would we stay in business long?’

“I got a few stunned looks.

“‘Or what if someone said to us: ‘Hey, you do too much broadband-hogging stuff. We’re going to limit how much you can do in a day.’ Would we like that?'”

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