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From opera singer to business news

June 9, 2008

Jennifer Feals of the Portsmith Herald in New Hampshire profiles New Hampshire native Trish Regan, who hosts “The Call” on CNBC, the show that had the highest number of viewers in the past month.

Trish ReganFeals writes, “As a singer, she became fluent in Italian and Spanish and learned to speak German, languages she continues to use today on assignment.

“‘As a journalist, I am constantly doing something new and I’m constantly able to draw on all these different experiences,’ Regan said.

“‘I love what I do. I love the fact that it’s always changing. It’s always new. You come in every day and there is something else to report on. There are all kinds of different aspects of reporting and types of reporting that whether it’s a documentary or a quick 30-second spot, you have this variety, which makes you feel very engaged and excited because it’s always new.’

“One of Regan’s favorite reports during her time at CNBC was an investigation into terrorist financing in the Tri-Border region of South America, a region that is considered the most dangerous in the Western Hemisphere, she said.”

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