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Fox News gives scant coverage to jobs data

April 2, 2011

Andrew Newbold of Media Matters for America writes that the reporting by Fox News of the jobs data released by the government on Friday should have been better and longer.

Newbold writes, “Yet tonight on Your World, guest host Stewart Varney ignored the job report for more than 56 minutes. Then, just before the show’s last commercial break, he said: ‘The economy adding jobs. A positive report today, a game changer in this budget battle fight. Is it?’

“When he came back from commercial, Varney said: ‘You are looking live at the Capitol building, Washington, DC. Democrats say today’s good job numbers prove that this is no time to cut spending, but is it just the opposite? That’s what we’re going to explore tonight on the Fox Business Network one hour from now.’

“That’s it. Varney spent less than thirty seconds discussing the new job numbers. Furthermore, Varney invited viewers to learn about the job figures under the Obama administration later on Fox Business Channel.”

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