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Fox Biz’s Gasparino criticized for tweeting Bond Buyer was closing

November 1, 2013

Posted by Chris Roush

Fox Business Network reporter Charles Gasparino created a controversy with other business journalists by tweeting that he had heard the Bond Buyer newspaper was closing without calling to confirm if that was true.

The Huffington Post has the entire brouhaha, but summarizes it by stating, “The Fox Business star, formerly of CNBC and The Wall Street Journal, spent much of the day reenacting World War II, playing the role of all of the combatants at once in a sprawling brawl with pretty much everybody else on Twitter. In the process, he managed to belittle and insult writers and editors at news outlets from American Banker all the way to BuzzFeed.”

Here is Gasparino’s original tweet:

Gasparino Bond Buyer

But it quickly disintegrated, including this back and forth between Gasparino and Heather Landy, the editor of American Banker magaziune, which is owned by the same company as Bond Buyer:

Landy and Gasparino

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